Clients CRM Open 클라이언트 계정을 요청해주세요

  • 10th December 2020
인티비아이템이 고객 프로젝트 지원을 위해  To support customer projects 을 개설했습니다.  Operate a CRM site.   기존 브랜드, 제조사들은 회원가입해주세요. Existing brands and manufacturers, please register as a member. Please send inquiries by email. 궁금한 ...
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  • 29th August 2020
Hello. This is Intibia item. This partnership was held. All service subscription sites and live chat services Global English-speaking chat support Real people-manpower service-hire-chat-agents are provided free of charge for one month to commemorate the partnership. The period is one ...
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30만 쇼핑몰 - 카카오톡 로그인 -Korean SNS Login 모쥴 서비스중

  • 25th June 2020

We support Korean companies to advance overseas.

Overseas shopping malls _ Create standards for Korean accessibility.

SNS login used by 50 million people in Korea

글로벌 표준 커머스의 한국 고객 접근성을 확보 합니다. 

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30만 쇼핑몰 - 한국어 Korean Language Pack

  • 25th June 2020
Korean Language Pack  30만이상 사이트가 운영중인 글로벌 커머스 솔루션의 한국어을 제공합니다.  저희 인티비아이템은 관리자 버전의 한글어도 함께 설치 제공하고 있습니다.   Please check the Korean version sample site.Only the front (consumer) area is ...
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